The benefits of caviar for your hair.

Les bienfaits du caviar pour vos cheveux.

Caviar has as beneficial virtues of your epidermis as well as your hair fiber.

A youthful treatment for hair

Caviar extracts are exceptional repairers who regenerate your wicks in depth. They energize cell renewal to restructure the hair and strengthen it from roots to the tips. More than a simple treatment, it is therefore a real anti-aging ritual, perfect for coming to the rescue of hair-overly-colored hair by repeated coloring and daily hairstyles.

Qualities that make it an ingredient of choice, selected by Rosebaie to be at the heart of the formula of our limited edition range rangeKeratin x caviar.

A real activator of (re) pushes

Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and amino acids, these precious extracts improve microcirculation of the scalp, which stimulates and accelerates the growth of your wicks.

A boon to gain length quickly ... but also for a long time!

Thus boosted by nutrient intake, keratin production is, in fact, much better quality and therefore allows your long hair to remain strong and resistant.

An ally of smoothing

Associated with keratin, caviar offers a luxurious derivative of Brazilian smoothing which brings flexibility and intense repair to your lengths. The dream option if you want a long -term styling.

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