Our tips for successfully succeeding in your hair care ritual!

Nos astuces pour réussir sans faille votre rituel de soin capillaire !

To start, we monitor your diet and try to give up cakes and other sweets that promote excess sebum (we know, not easy during this end of year period ...).

Winter is there, so do not hesitate toMake a good cure of vitamins, ginseng and other boosters. It will keep you in shape and constitute a real anti-virus barrier.

The secrets of a good shampoo

Before each shampoo, you brush your hair to untangle it and eliminate all dust. We then practice 2 shampoos by choosing a product suitable for your hair nature. The first passage will eliminate the impurities of your scalp, the second washes the lengths and tips.

You do not know what care most suited to your hair? Make a e-hairdiag, the Rosebaie hair diagnosis available here.

Finish your routine shampoo By rinsing with cold water to smooth and close the scales. The rinsing should be abundant to prevent your hair from getting worse. Finally, plug your hair with a towel without twisting your hair.

And after ?

If your hair is dry and brittle, apply A mask to nourish and hydrate Like for example our Keratin & Aloe Vera mask. Allow between 4 to 5 minutes of break. Rinse abundantly after application.

If your hair is long, apply a Mask after the shampoo By carrying out a separation in the neck which will allow you to take the wicks at mid-length and thus avoid that you do not apply the product on the scalp. Tour and leave to act for 5 minutes. Rinse abundantly before applying ourThermoprotective treatment who, in addition to repairing and activating (re) pushes,will facilitate brushing and protect your hair from heat.

If you are in a hurry think of SERRUM Care without rinsing Rosebaie!

There you go, you know everything, you just have to choose the hair ritual To adopt for always on top hair!

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