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Aloe Vera: Le secret expert pour des cheveux éclatants!

The benefits of aloe vera on your hair.

Aloe vera has been recognized since Antiquity for its many virtues. Aloe Vera leaves are provided with a gel recognized for its healing, moisturizing and regenerating properties. This plant can be...

Les bienfaits du caviar pour vos cheveux.

The benefits of caviar for your hair.

Caviar has as beneficial virtues of your epidermis as well as your hair fiber. A youthful treatment for hair Caviar extracts are exceptional repairers who regenerate your wicks in depth. They ener...

Nos astuces pour réussir sans faille votre rituel de soin capillaire !

Our tips for successfully succeeding in your hair care ritual!

To start, we monitor your diet and try to give up cakes and other sweets that promote excess sebum (we know, not easy during this end of year period ...). Winter is there, so do not hesitate toMa...